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is a next generation of Certificate Explorer.

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*Disclaimer:This website is a part of a group project for Planspiel in TU Chemnitz.

We are developing our Certificate Explorer by using Blockchain Technology

Blockchain Certificate Explorer Application

Our application is an online platform with mobile Apps, on which users inform themselves about product specification and features, certification, marks, systems and personnel certificates with a certificate. The recognition of validity and counterfeiting is the ultimate goal.

We enable shoppers to check the validity of certifications, understand their value, educate and use digital content to become advocates of standards.

By using Blockchain technology, our application ensure that certificate information remains consistent, accurate, and transparent for everyone.

Studhub Products

Global verification

It provides a central global location for verification.


A single point of trust to access certificates and accreditations..


Easy to use by using mobile to scan and retrieve information


Power by Blockchain technology, Ethereum Infrastructure

Decentralize Storage

A peer-to-peer network to govern transactions and interactions across a distributed community

Against Counterfeit

Reduce Counterfeit Certificates Quality

How it works?

Register Qualify Certificate
On the Studhub Blockchain system, Tic members can easily create or import certificates to register it in Blockchain network.
Immutable Documentation
In the blockchain network, all important transaction information as well as the entire transaction history are stored encrypted and temper-proof.
Secure transactions
The Studhub Blockchain enable secure and trusting, transparency certificate information for everyone, organizations.
Use Cases
The Studhub Blockchain can be used in a variety of different use cases such as cases for business, cases for supporting...

See how it works?

Use cases

  • Case for business
  • Reduce counterfeiting.
  • Increase the credibility of accredited certification.
  • Added value from certification organizations to certified organization with increased market opportunity for certified companies.
  • Increase market exposure for certified companies.
  • Low-cost solution for integrating certification status into certificates and websites.
  • Increase business for certified companies
  • Case for supporting
  • Marketing and awareness.
  • Central global location for verification.
  • More business for certified companies.
  • Certificate holders want to be in this database.
  • The ability for accreditation organizations to monitor certification activity for their certification organizations.
  • Single point for searching, reducing time and cost for interested parties.

Growing Global Network

We live in a world where international trade is flourishing. According to our research, each country has different standards and regulations to measure the quality of the product, This can cause tremendous restraint to the future Certification market. It is our mission to overcome this problem by using Blockchain technology; which has high transparency and most secure way of managing the certificate worldwide.

  • 2.1M

    Existing Certificates

  • 14.98B$

    Certificate Segment Market Size

Partnered with Innovative Globally

Our Road Map

"All you need is the plan, the roadmap, and the courage to press on to your destination".

_Earl Nightingale_

  • 10, October 2018
    Business Idea Kickoff

    1st Planspiel lecture session

  • 16, October 2018
    Product "Brainstorming"

    1st team meeting group

  • 22, November 2018
    Design Thinking

    Identifying the right problems to solve.

  • 26, November 2018
    1st Pitch Round

    We did it well.

  • 19, December 2018
    New idea comes up

    Our team has new Business Adviser

  • 21, January 2019
    2nd Pitching

    Business Model Canvas and Prototypes

  • 1, Feb 2019
    Product Release

    Complete 1st version of our web and mobile application

  • 18, Feb 2019
    3rd Pitch Round

    We are ready to pitch with real implementation.

  • 05, March 2019
    Final Pitch Round

    Best pitch in 1st Planspiel Pitching day.

Founder Team

"We don't build business, we build people and then these people build our business".

_Hilary Hinton "Zig" Ziglar_

Chief Executive Officer
Hoon Cho
Chief Financial Officer
Dang Vu
Chief Marketing Officer
Hung Nguyen
Chief Technology Officer
Bach Tran
Bach Tran
Chief Information Officer
Eduard Daoud
Industry Advisor

Our Vision, missions and values

Our vision

Leading the market by connecting people with trust and providing an innovative solution.

Our missions

Understand the customers need better than themselves. We are happy, when our customers are happy.

Our values

Improvement, effective communication and collaborative attitude.

Our goal

Becoming a next generation certificate explorer with consistent, accurate, and transparent for everyone.

Frequently asked questions

Our goal, our vision, our mission, our values, our products, our customers...

It is a central global location for verification and a single point of access to certificates and accreditations. By using Blockchain technology, transparency and accuracy are our most important principles.
  • - Testing, Inspection & Certification (TIC) sector (certification bodies and certification authorities)
  • - Consumers
  • - Online Business
  • - Retailers
  • - Authorities
  • - Consumer Advice Centers
  • Web Application: online platform that allow TIC members store multiples certificates in Blockchain network.
  • Mobile Application: allow consumers, shoppers retrieve certificate information from Blockchain

First, please contact us via email: or hotline: +49 (017) 7542 0060.

After verifying information, we will create your account in our system.

You can easily create certificate, import multiple certificates to our system. Later, your certificates will automatically be stored in Blockchain network

We also provide list, search and view detail functions for all certificate you register to our Blockchain system.

For end consumer, we provide an mobile application, that supports for both IOS and Android.

By using our application, you can easily check certificate information, that retrieved from Blockchain network.

We also provider search function that allow you to find all certificate information that you want.

If you need more information, please contact us via email: or hotline: +49 (017) 7542 0060.

  • - Ethereum Blockchain Infrastructure
  • - Cloud hosting service
  • - Microsoft Technology
  • - NodeJs Runtime Environment
  • - React Native

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